Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

I had a couple projects in mind to finish over the weekend....

S5/S6 style LED DRLs...

Garage Door Opener.

Wash the car!

With the help of Erick (tiptronic), I was able to get everything sorted out and wired up.
It wasn't as difficult as I would have thought... And I used crimping for the first time, so the install is superrr clean...

I LOVEE the outcome.


While doing this mod I also used some resistors to delete my sidemarker lights that I hated so much... Cleans up the front a LOT when the lights are on IMO.

LED Garage Door Opener Button
This is something that I've been planning to do for a while...
This actually look a lot more time to do than the DRLs... probably because I didnt have a lot of the stuff I needed, so I had to keep running back and forth from radio shack to get everything I needed.
Most of the reason was because I was determined to make this a clean install too... so I used crimping, soldering, and T-Taps when needed.
The end result took me probably 5+ hours, but it was totally worth it.
Everything is easily reversible back to stock.

I used to have my garage door opener clipped to the door pocket of my driver side door... However this had many problems:
  1. The clip would move around and scratch up my plastic door pannels!!!
  2. Most of the time I would have to get really close to the house before the garage door opener would work.
  3. Many times even when I was right in front of my house, it would still not work so I would have to take it out of the door pocket to get a signal to open the garage door.
  4. The door opener would sometimes fall out of the holder
  5. I have to lean forward and reach to get to the door opener, aka not ergonomic (but I'm just being picky now)

So I did something similar with on my E46 w/ the garage door opener, but not something nearly as intricate or nice as this...
I really like the button I picked because it is very high quality and made of aluminum, it also has a nice texture... It also has a lit red ring around it

The tricky thing about this install was that I had to use a resistor for the led so that the led wouldnt burnout from getting a current that is too strong, I had to calculate that and splice it into the wiring...
But I think I did a really good job with that...

I wish I had taken more pics but I didnt...


Here you can see I installed it on a removable panel, so that If I want to go back to stock, I can easily swap it with someone else.


Where it sits.

I have the power tapped from the Cigarette lighter power.... and the garage door opener is stored inside the center console!
The garage door opener actually works BETTER in there than in my door pocket!!!

A nice cleanup...

I hadnt washed my car for a good 2 weeks so it was pretty filthy... finally gave it a good wash...

Tips nice and polished :)

BIG thanks to Erick (tiptronic) for the help w/ the LED DRLs
and thanks to kimi for helping with the installs :)


Blogger K I M I said...

woOt...i rockkk
noww to let everyone in on all the secrets to your mods, mOohaha

July 8, 2008 at 1:56 AM  

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