Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Busy Memorial Day Weekend

So I went home to Oak Park with a few projects on my agenda to complete
-Cut out my front helper springs
-Install my single -> double din conversion

Before I start...
My FK Highsports are set up like this:

The helper spring is NOT the actual spring.
It is a smaller spring used to keep the spring in place when the suspension is fully extended (like when the car is jacked up/on a lift). However, when the car is on the ground, the helper spring is fully compressed, and basically only acts like a spacer, raising the car 1-2 inches.
It does not have any effect on the suspension ride quality, etc.

I cut it out instead of just removing it because its cheaper to just cut it out than pay someone 2-3 hours of labor to fully take apart the front suspension and put it back together.

Started at around 2:30-3, Scott came over to assist/help
First thing I did was start cutting the passenger side helper spring.
MUCH harder than I expected.... I used probably like 30 dremel discs taking it out...
Took me probably like 4-5 hours straight to get it out... Not fun...

Finally out!!

See... no cut spring

Sittin pretty

After finally finishing, there was no way I was gonna spend another 4-5 hours doing the driver side spring...

So we decided to start on the double din conversion...
No real pics of that... But it was pretty straight forward...
Definitely time consuming, but pretty straight forward, due to a pretty good DIY.
The toughest part was dremeling the air-con unit to fit the slimmer double-din setup But thanks to Scott's template-ing and my superior dremeling skills... MY air con unit fits almost perfectly now!

We finally finished at 12am...
Thats right... we started at 3 and ended at 12... the only break we took was like 30 minutes to eat a yummy dinner made by my dad.

I cut out the driver side helper spring...
It went pretty smoothly... and a little faster than the first time thanks to some better thought out planning. Although i got stuck for ever on the last couple cuts...
This one took me maybe 3-4 hours...

After that i went for a drive to test it out!!
Wow... i was rubbing like crazy... fender and axel and all.
But damn it looked sick.

Should i drop it more? :)

Then I washed my car, and Scott kindly washed my brothers car for him... since it was filthy.

Hmm.. I dont think I really worked on my car much.
But I did help my cousin install his A-Spec kit on his TL...
It took us all night... From like 7-11:30.

I know, not part of the long weekend, but i didnt go back to school on monday...
I drove the car a little and decided it was just too low.. too much rubbing.
So i decided to raise the car like half an inch more...

The new height:

The extra half inch pretty much eliminated all the fender rubbing, and a lot of the axel rubbing... Although it still rubs during hard left turns...
Not sure what I'm going to do about that... just no canyon running for a lil while I guess.

One last thing:
DO NOT trust your OEM jack... or this could happen to you... :( :( :( :(


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