Saturday, May 17, 2008

Revo Stage 2!!

So on Tuesday this week i had my 15k mile service...
During the service they reflashed my car with their updated program, effectively erasing my Revo Stage 1...
Needless to say, my car ran SLUGGISH w/o the software... Soooo slow...
So I capitalized on the situation to get my much needed Stage 2 upgrade done...

I went to Canyon Racer Motorsports in Mission Viejo (, cuz i found them on the Revo website for dealers...
And i headed over at 1 w/ my friend Steven w/ a Ibis White S-Line Titanium Package...

When i got there i met Mike, this older (like 40-50) whitewashed asian dude that listens to country music... hes super chill and knowledgeable.
Apparently Mike owns the entire shop, and is the only one that works there...
Despite this his shop has a dyno, 3 lifts, and one of them is awesome for slammed cars.
The garage was very clean and organized, definitely one of the cleaner garages ive seen.

Steven was there in hopes of getting his ECS torque mount insert installed (like a 30 min job, max. When we got there, Mike said that he had no time to do the install, and could only do the software because he had his hands tied in a bad-fitting PITA big turbo kit installed on a pretty sick B6 Audi A4 (Grey, Silver BB5 LM Reps, Rieger Kit, FMIC, Dual single tipped exhaust).

But after a minute he decided to just go ahead and install the insert... and does it for Steven, and doesnt even charge him.

Anyways, Mike got my software installed while we chatted, etc.

Apparently the shop is open Tues-Sun, and is close on Mondays and Tuesdays... pretty smart cuz ppl like to mod their cars on weekends.

So the reason why this post is so long, and I sound so enthusiastic about this shop is because I've been looking really hard and forever for a local/unshady/good/qualty shop to get stuff done at...
Mike seems upfront, helpful, knowledgeable, and isnt in it to rip you off - Considering the fact he installed my friend's insert for free on our first time there, despite his hands being tied w/ the A4 turbo install, plus he almost sent me off w/o having me pay for the software! I had to remind him that I had to pay.

Oh yeah, one last thing, he has a MKV GTI, so he basically knows everything about A3s too because the 2 cars share almost everything.

Stage 2:
Immediately noticeable on the way home was that I gained back my exhaust growl/agressiveness that I lost when I went back to stock programming... Something I was definately missing.
The car is Fassttt
Mike told me that the Stage 2 is supposed to give you 15-20whp over Stage 1... Not bad for 50$!!
So basically i should have around ~270hp and 300+lbs tq
(Oh yeah, and I was told it was 85$ a dyno, so I wanna get that done to get some numbers down on paper, I bet he drops the prices for group deals!)
The car pulls harder now for sure, it feels and sounds more "raw", its a pretty dramatic change.
I havnt really had a chance to really open to open it up though, since it was pretty trafficy on the way home...

But I cant wait for my chance to break it in!


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