Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Sneak Peak!!

I wanted to save these until i actually got them to show them off...
But i couldnt resist anymore!
So if you're nice enough to view my blog... check this out...

Dont worry, i know it seems like it'll be tacky having so many stickers on my car, but i've figured out a way to pull it off totally cleanly... no worries... it'll be sick.

Now... if theres some sticker company or sticker maker that wants to sell my "designs" as stickers... just print me out like 5-10 of each sticker (half in black, half in white), and i will give u permission to sell the stickers!
Even tho some of the stickers are just fonts... but whatever... its not a big deal i dont think.

So yeah, email me if you want to make the stickers for me!!
For free, or i can pay material costs if you'd like!


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