Thursday, May 8, 2008

Almost there!!!

1. I need $2000 asap... I could get my entire bodykit and have it on my car by the end of this month...
front bumper ($1000)+ front lip ($100) + side skirts($300) + paint ($600) ... having it all done by the end of month (priceless...)
Who wants to sponsor/finance me ??? :(

2. Finally ready for the D3...

BIG thanks to for double din conversion stuff...
Now i have to install the cage... and bring it to the shop to have the pac units (which i need to buy still) and everything installed

3. My newest "mod" ....
Glow in the dark stars!


Yeah i know... kinda gay... but i'm just messing around...
I like the ones on the open sky... looks freakin cool at night... the ones on the back are kinda feminine... i just did it for fun, i'll take it off in a bit... haha

But it looks cool at night!!!


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