Sunday, March 30, 2008

Damaged :(

So earlier last week I was driving in Irvine, and this random something, like the size of my fist flies out from under the car in front of me...
Smacks my front bumper... goes under my car... and comes out and hits my driver side door somehow....

It scratched my front bumper...

Down to the plastic!!

My first door ding... not even from a door!

Spring Break Overhaul!

So I've had a bunch of stuff that I've been slacking on installing...
-Forge Diverter Valve... I've had this for probably almost half a year, just sitting under my bed
-S-Line Bumper... I've had this for probably 2 months or so
-ATP Downpipe... had this for about a month

Plus I wanted to paint my engine bay covers...

So I took this spring break as a chance to catch up...

I started Wednesday:

I was planning on installing the downpipe, dv, and paint the engine bay all in one day..
I know, a little ambitious I know, but I wanted to aim high...

Went out to the Do-It Center for paint and tools... and Pep Boys for a tool as well..

Prepared for my great endeavor

$100 worth of tools!!
-Ratcheting wrenches
-X-Metal Paint
-Stubby wrench
-Turney extensions for w/e
-Oxygen sensor socket
Most to be returned after I'm done of course :)
But it turns out I didnt need a lot of the stuff anyways...

The Parts:

ATP DP and Forge DV

Laptop for asking questions and DIY, plus speakers for music

S-Line rear bumper

To be waxed and installed later

Car as she currently sits

First on the list: ATP DP

Jack the car up...

Theres like barely more than a foot of room for me to work with...

Stock DP removed!!
Took me like 2 hours...

Compared to the ATP, you can see the difference

Took me like 30-45 min to put the new one in...
No pics... not really anything to see anyways.

My shirt halfway through:

Next up... the Forge DV
I didnt really take any pics of this... but it took me maybe 2 hours to install...

I started at like 2, finished at 8pm...

No time for painting the engine bay... saving that for tomorrow


Stock engine bay

Test painted a piece....
1. Grey primer
2. X-Metal Anodized red

Didnt like how it turned out... too dark...

So I decided to try a different combo...
1. Primer
2. X-Metal Metallic base coat
3. X-Metal Anodized Red

So i went out and bought the metallic base coat... and decided to do the rest on Friday..

Friday night:

First piece:
Battery cover

Then did the fuse box cover.

Waxed the rear bumper while i waited for paint to dry

Starting on the engine cover:

You can see the metallic flakes in the base coat

Finished spraying the engine cover... and called it a night


Needs a wet sand...
Went to the Do-It center and bought some 1500 grit sandpaper...


Not perfect... but good enough for now...
Maybe I'll redo it in the future...

Onto the S-Line bumper!

Original one removed

S-Line diffusor removed and mounted on new bumper


Also removed the CSL front bumper on the E46 to get it repainted...


Gave my car a nice wash..

Next mod...
35% Tinted headlight and taillights

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pre-Wustefest Meet... Speedzone.

Went to a lil vendor show/meet on March 8th... It was pretty fun, went gocart racing and such...

When i got there my car was so dirty!!! (well... dusty)
Luckily with the help of a fellow A3-er he got me some quik detailer... And i made my car look half decent

Heres a pic i took of the ride in the "vendor car display" area....

Body kit needed badly!!

Someone else:

Scott's cell pic:
(Check out the panda!)


More Go-Cart!

The next day i went to the Life Plaza BMW Meet...
I went and parked my car on the side... and met up with Scott and some friends...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pioneer AVIC D3

Bought one.... now all i have to do is get the single din to double din conversion....
Which might take a while...
Its prob gonna take me a month to get it in... Grrrr

About to order smoked headlight and taillight film too