Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SoCal Euro '08 Pics♦

So Scott finally gave me the pictures from SoCal Euro... but not edited!!!

So here are the pics with my best attempt at editing...

I did what i could with most of the pics... most of them werent very clear.

Cruising to SoCal Euro in SD

Group shots




At the Meet

A sick WB SLK


Monday, August 25, 2008

More Eurocrave Pics♦

Found some more pics from Eurocrave from Dub Nation...

Some pics from rolling in, and some from @ the show.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eurocrave Pictures!

I finally found some pics of our cars at Eurocrave from

Europrojektz Cars:

Rob's Custom Widebody Turbocharged Elise:
Eurocrave: Best Exotic

Dru's M3:

Pat's 330i:
Eurocrave: Best 3-Series - 2nd Place

Freddie's Vorsteiner M5:

Fern's Custom Paint Widebody 8 Series:
HIN Nightshift Pomona: Best of Show - Mild
Eurocrave: Best of Show - Wild, Best of Show - BMW

Raymond's Custom Paint Z4 Widebody:

Manu's CL55:

My A3, complete with war paint and EP Sticker!

DPE Guys' Cars:

Ryan Castro's Turbo WB E36:

Mike's Z4 Coupe:

JoJo's Supercharged Sedan:

Found a video too!!
Go to 3:00 for the EP booth