Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to MRR!

Finally swapped back to my MRRs so that I can sell the Works....

Heres the last pics of the Eurolines :(

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O shiz!
Hover A3!

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MRRs back on!!
Def missed them, missed the stretch, missed the flush

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Yes, I'm still missing the rear diffusor and front lip...
That should all be fixed soon tho...

Shifter Cable Bushings and Shift Bushings

So I installed them on Thursday.

Too lazy to retype what i said in the forum thread, so here it is, in messy forum language:

wayyyyyyyyyyy more difficult than it should have been.
installing the shift bushings, i got stuck on one of the nuts....
as the nut came out, it wedged my wrench against a piece of metal behind it... and my wrench got stuck there...
i spent the next 3 hours prying, pulling, doing anything to try to get the wrench out...
i ended up dremeling the crap out of the wrench and breaking it....

but after i got it unstuck, it took like 10 min to install -_-

the 42draft shifter cable bushings were easy to install.... the f2b one took like 5 min... the s2s one fits our a3s (at least my 07) and takes a lil longer to install, maybe 10 min, cuz u gotta pull out this b1tch of a rubber thing...

soooo impressions....
DEFINITELY noticeable.. shifts are more crisp, more precise.
takes a few min to get used to though.
best way to describe it is that it feels sportier and less luxurious.
guess how much you'll like it depends on your preference, if u want something notchier and less smooth.

on a side note.... anyone in the thousand oaks/agoura/calabasas/westlake area have revo select?
i need to reactivate my software since i lost it when i took out my battery.....

Overall... worth it for under $50

Heres a pic of the bitch of a wrench
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lower It!

Thought this was hilarious

I hope he learned his lesson!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bimmerfest 2009

Very late... but I just uploaded them so I'll post them here.

310 pics in all!

A few small new things...

42 Draft Designs – 6 Speed Shifter Cable Bushings

Verdict Motorsports Shift Bushings

My shifter felt so sloppy and soft after driving my friend's s2000 with a much notchier, sportier shifter...
Hopefully this will help

Pretty cheap mods too... i just ordered bothh!

Haha, also... Partially, one of the reasons I bought these is because im a sucker for pretty CNC'ed aluminum pieces.... haha
(Even though you wont be able to see them after they're installed)