Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break Overhaul!

So I've had a bunch of stuff that I've been slacking on installing...
-Forge Diverter Valve... I've had this for probably almost half a year, just sitting under my bed
-S-Line Bumper... I've had this for probably 2 months or so
-ATP Downpipe... had this for about a month

Plus I wanted to paint my engine bay covers...

So I took this spring break as a chance to catch up...

I started Wednesday:

I was planning on installing the downpipe, dv, and paint the engine bay all in one day..
I know, a little ambitious I know, but I wanted to aim high...

Went out to the Do-It Center for paint and tools... and Pep Boys for a tool as well..

Prepared for my great endeavor

$100 worth of tools!!
-Ratcheting wrenches
-X-Metal Paint
-Stubby wrench
-Turney extensions for w/e
-Oxygen sensor socket
Most to be returned after I'm done of course :)
But it turns out I didnt need a lot of the stuff anyways...

The Parts:

ATP DP and Forge DV

Laptop for asking questions and DIY, plus speakers for music

S-Line rear bumper

To be waxed and installed later

Car as she currently sits

First on the list: ATP DP

Jack the car up...

Theres like barely more than a foot of room for me to work with...

Stock DP removed!!
Took me like 2 hours...

Compared to the ATP, you can see the difference

Took me like 30-45 min to put the new one in...
No pics... not really anything to see anyways.

My shirt halfway through:

Next up... the Forge DV
I didnt really take any pics of this... but it took me maybe 2 hours to install...

I started at like 2, finished at 8pm...

No time for painting the engine bay... saving that for tomorrow


Stock engine bay

Test painted a piece....
1. Grey primer
2. X-Metal Anodized red

Didnt like how it turned out... too dark...

So I decided to try a different combo...
1. Primer
2. X-Metal Metallic base coat
3. X-Metal Anodized Red

So i went out and bought the metallic base coat... and decided to do the rest on Friday..

Friday night:

First piece:
Battery cover

Then did the fuse box cover.

Waxed the rear bumper while i waited for paint to dry

Starting on the engine cover:

You can see the metallic flakes in the base coat

Finished spraying the engine cover... and called it a night


Needs a wet sand...
Went to the Do-It center and bought some 1500 grit sandpaper...


Not perfect... but good enough for now...
Maybe I'll redo it in the future...

Onto the S-Line bumper!

Original one removed

S-Line diffusor removed and mounted on new bumper


Also removed the CSL front bumper on the E46 to get it repainted...


Gave my car a nice wash..

Next mod...
35% Tinted headlight and taillights


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