Thursday, August 23, 2007

HPA Short Shift Kit

So I ordered and installed my SSK...
I actually ordered it before it left for Taiwan and picked it up yesterday after I got back...

Installed it this morning/noon... Pretty simple and straight forward installation... took me about 20-30 minutes...
No real problems

I opted for the 35% shift reduction instead of the 20%... Not sure why... but i like it. Either way, i can change it whenever i want!

Haha... anyways, it feels great... Super quick shifts now!
Driving is more fun!
It takes a lil bit more power to shift, but thats expected.. no big deal, just gotta get used to it...

I hope i can meet someone with the dieselgeek ssk, so i can try that out... If i end up liking that more, maybe i'll switch in the future.


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