Sunday, July 15, 2007

Neuspeed Engine Torque Arm Installed

All I have to say is WOW!

I installed it last Thursday.
After finally picking up the bolt I needed from the dealership. I borrowed Scott's jack and jack stands....
And i installed it in like 20 minutes.
So easy, as long as you have the right tools...

First, you need a very long torque wrench, makes loosening and tightening the bolt much easier.... I cant even imagine trying to do that with like a 6 inch ratchet.
Also... you need 2 jacks... one to jack up the car, and the other to push the Torque arm in.
I could barely get it in more than an inch just by pushing with my hands.

Once i got everything in.... i went for a drive... and i was blown away.
This is a mod for any manual A3 driver regardless of whether or not they mod... It should have been like this from the factory...

First thing:
One thing i noticed about the stock a3, is many times when you start off... you get a shuddering... kind of like what you feel when you're about to stall... but its not stalling... its like a mini version. At first, i thought this was because i was a newb manual-driver (since this is my first manual car), and i just wasnt getting my starts down every time... but after reading, apparently, its something very normal with the car....
After the torque insert:
WOW! The shudder is almost completely gone... starts are like butter now.... Every once in a while, the shudder comes back, but its MUCH less noticeable now, and barely there. Amazing....

Second thing:
Under hard acceleration, the shifts are not very smooth, due to engine movement.... It feels like the shifts are not going through a "straight/smooth" path, rather a jagged one, and you have to shift past notches along the way.... I think this is due to the engine moving under hard acceleration, and misaligning from the transmission or something slightly....
With the torque arm insert:
Shifts are totally smooth! There are no longer problems under hard acceleration... Totally awesome.... Makes the driving experience like 20 times better

Cant believe i waited so long to get this mod!

Anyways, if anyone was wondering how a little 40$ mod could make such a difference... Basically, in stock form, Audi designed the car with "comfort" in mind, so they made the engine mounts very soft and flexible... I guess it helps the car ride smoother or something...
By doing this, the engine moves a lot, and shakes and flexes under load...
For example: You can see it happening here between shifts on this Mazda 3 dyno.
What this insert does, is it squeezes into the gaps of one of the engine mounts... stiffening them up.... so that the engine is not able to move as much.... Resulting in smoother shifts and starts!!


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