Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sad News

Damn that sucked, went to the dealership to set up a service appointment and buy a part the dealership guy said hes never heard of a stretch bolt in 18 years of him working there....

and he pretty much treated me like a retard the whole time...

Eventually he found it tho...
They had to special order it, so i cant get it till Thursday
I wanted to install my torque insert today!!!

On a lighter note:
When i went to the dealership, one of the sales persons was like "nice car, what is that, an A4?
Me: no... A3..
Sales Person: oh nice, is that the 2.0t or the..... is it 3.4?
me: 3.2.... and I have the 2.0T

lol, but he admitted he was still new... but damn, at least be able to recognize the diff between an a3 and a4

He was a nice guy tho..

Another thing... the dealership guy said I should wait until after my maintenance to lower the car b/c its difficult for them to service a lowered car... Dunno if i want to wait... we will see...


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