Friday, February 26, 2010

30K Birthday Present

So... my car turned 30K last night!
Ahhhhhhhhhhh so sad... but congrats to it. Still running like a champ with no problems, squeaks, or issues. Who says Audis arent reliable?

To celebrate, i got it a present!



Close up... o so clean

J2 250.1, tucked away nicely

Elemental Design SQ10, this thing hits like a fucking champ

With the cover on

Hmmm... where did it go??
Note: the before picture is actually the after

I just sat in my car for a good hour in a parking lot and listened to music... and WOW.
It hits so hard so clean.
If you didnt know it was a 10", youd prob think it was a 12, or two 10s or something.
I read a lot of reviews about the SQ10 and most people said similar things.. I get it now.
I dont know if its the size of my car, or the wagon/hatch design, probably both, but the sub is perfect for my application.
And the box built by Uber Stealth doesnt take up any trunk space, keeps the spare, and is built amazingly well.
Seriously tho, if anyone ever wants to hear it, let me know, I'm more than happy to show you!


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