Monday, February 22, 2010

Project: I.C.E. (In Car Entertainment)

So I finally sold my wheels to a kind gentleman in Hawaii, so big thanks to him for allowing me to start my next project....

Been thinking about this for a while, and finally have the funds to make it a reality.

Part 1:
JL Audio J2 250.1 Amp
and JL Audio Total Mobile Audio 8GA Amp Wiring Kit

Part 2:
Uber Stealth Audio Spare Tire Surround Box w/ 10" Elemental Design SQ10 Slimline Sub & Grill

Uber Stealth Audio Amp Rack

It will be carpeted.

Already paid for these, just need to pick them up now!
Gonna try the install myself

So nothing too crazy, something to keep my trunk space and spare tire while improving the lower end of my audio... my car is daily driven afterall... and I haul a LOT of stuff, so I gotta keep that trunk space.
The stock speakers I have are actually really good... just need more bass!


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