Monday, May 3, 2010

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And TPLiquid, aka Jack

As some of you may know, I won a little birthday contest Jack set up, and got a Neuspeed power pulley kit out of it.
As promised, I received the pulleys soon after the contest, and I finally got the time to install it today.

Heres some pics from the install:

Fender lining removed, OEM Pulley
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OEM Pulley Out
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OEM Pulley vs Neuspeed Pulley
Notice the size difference...
Free Image Hosting at

The weight difference is HUGE!
As you can see here, the Neuspeed one weights 242.4 grams
Free Image Hosting at
While the OEM one weights about 4 pounds! (About 1,800 grams)
More than 7 times the Neuspeed!

I never really understood how simply swapping a pulley could make much of a noticeable difference, but once I held the OEM one vs the Neuspeed, I immediately understood.

Back to the install:
Neuspeed pulley in
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Belt on
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Test Drive:
Wow, I really was skeptical about this mod at first, I didnt think a 5-7hp increase would even be noticeable.
But it is!
Throttle response is greatly increased, and the car feels like it pulls a lot harder with less hesitation.
Overall, I believe this is a great mod!

Once agian, big thanks to TPLiquid and!


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