Monday, April 19, 2010

MFest4 Fail (Hellafail/Canibitch Content)

So the Thursday before Mfest i noticed i had a small bubble on my rear passenger tire, I figure i'll change it after i get back from vegas.

On Sunday, on the way back from the Valley of Fire cruise, getting back on the freeway, Chris' E39 M5, Mert's widebody E39 M5, and the EP E92 M3 book it to 120+mph

I do my best to catch up... after I slow down, i realize my car is starting to shake.
So I slow down and scott starts taking pics...

Thats when we pass by a CHP truck and we get pulled over.
He makes me put on my rear plate, and gives scott a warning and tells him to stay in the car.
Pretty nice guy.

After getting on the freeway, the car is shaking even worse, so i figure its time to pull over and change the tire...

After changing the tire, this is what we find....

This thumbs up should actually be a thumbs down. haha
It definitely could have turned out a lot worse, though, so maybe the thumbs up works.

So i made the drive back on a tiny little donut spare going 60 mph the whole way.
Left around 5:30, got back at 12 midnight!

On a lighter note... here is what my system would look like with a full sized spare like i should have...

If only MRR would step up and give me a deal on a new wheel.

More pics:


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