Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HIN Nightshift Pomona & SoCal Euro

Such a busy weekend...

Thursday: Washed my car w/ help from Kimi...

Went to Pat's house around 7pm in Chino and claybared, vaccumed, polished, detailed my car.
At 8:30 we head over to Pomona for roll-in the day before the show...
Get there at 9ish and find out that they really wont let me in with more than 1/4 tank of gas. (Car show newb here...)
I was at..... 3/4 tank of gas!!!!
So i spend the next 45 min trying to burn my gas down to 1/4 tank!!!
I floored it all over the place... and by 4:50, i was only down to half a tank!!
I go back... and they eventually let me (and a couple others) in, after the fire marshall left at around 11..

Show up at Nightshift at 11:30am (the show started at 5pm) w/ Kimi and Scott.... burn in the sun all day...
I showed w/ the Europrojektz crew: Fern (Custom paint, widebody 8 series), Manu (Slammed CLS on DPEs), Pat (Slammed sedan on 20s), and Dru (M3 w/ Volks, BBK all around)...
We were SUPPOSED to show with a blacked out CLS and Red GT-R w/ full Mine's CF Kit, DPEs, and titanium exhaust... but they were stolen from our booth by HIN. >.<
Didnt leave until around 11:30pm... left there burned as hell.

I will post pics when Scott gets to editing them.

Wake up at 8 and head out to SoCal Euro in San Diego at 9 w/ Scott and the Europrojektz crew.
Manu, Pat, and Freddie (Vorsteiner M5 on DPEs).
Get there around 10:30/11... and we chill there with friends until around 3pm... when we were too burnt and tired so we left with Pat...

Here are some pics I found of my car from the meet...
These will be "teasers" until Scott edits his pics i guess.

I burned my neck, face, arms, and even my legs a little.
And i have the worst farmers tan ever!
No pictures of that tho!

Also... thanks to Kimi and Scott for all the help and company over the weekend!


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