Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eurocrave 08 - Quick Recap

Washed my car w/ my friend Alex w/ a black G37 on Black iF w/ gold lip. (He wasnt going to Eurocrave, he was just washing his car)

Woke up at 6:30 am to meet up with Pat at 7 in Irvine.
We leave from Irvine for long beach around 7:05, and we get to the EP meeting place at around 7:40.
We leave from the meeting place at around 8 for Eurocrave.

Early on in the day (before 10) the weather was cloudy, which was nice... and would have been perfect for pictures. But then the clouds burned away (marine layer?).
And it got pretty hot.
Not as hot as it was at HIN Nightshift Pomona, but pretty sunny...
Luckily this time I had sunscreen (thanks to Crunchy).

The location was AMAZING!
It was right by the Queen Mary in Long Beach... right by the water, with an amazing background.
We were parked in the grass with lots of room. Which was a nice change from HIN Nightshift.

So we get to Eurocrave and setup. EP had 6 cars: Me, Pat, Rob (turbocharged & custom widebody Lotus Elise),Freddie, Fern, and Dru. There was also Manu at the Abbott booth (not in our booth), and Raymond (custom paint and widebody Z4) who showed up later on in the day.

There were a lot of nice cars at the show... unfortunately there was practically no visitors!!!
There were more cars than people.
It was pretty ridiculous, the promoters did a great job finding cars to enter, but not enough promotion to get the general public to go!!

Although, the good thing about that was there was PLENTY of free stuff to go around!!
Free bags, lanyards, keychains, magazines, even XBox360 GTA Faceplates! haha
I was on a collecting frenzy...

Either way I had a great time hanging out with the EP and DPE crew the whole day.

I even got interviewed by a photographer for a Japanese magazine!

Also, I forgot to mention, there was a Dodgeball Tourney which the EP crew swept easily!!

Finaly... trophys:
Fern: Best of Show - Wild, Best of Show - BMW
Rob: Best exotic
Pat: Best 3-Series 2nd Place
Europrojektz: Best Team - Quality
1st Place Dodgeball - Europrojektz

I didnt win anything unfortunately.... I just gotta step up my game now!

We left the show around 4-4:30 at the end.

No pics right now, but i will post them as i find them.


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