Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time Attacked

Yeah yeah yeah... i know i told everyone i was getting DPEs. But something came up and cash was a lil short.. And these just came at the perfect time at a great price thanks to Frank....
I was originally planning on re-selling them for a profit... but after opening the box to take pics... i fell in love.

Finally got them on... unfortunately, the wheel shop damaged the white vinyl on one of the wheels... so i had to take the vinyl off on that side to make it even....
So right now im running white on one side and red on one side. lol...
I have about a 1 finger gap in the front, so i really need to drop the front about another inch or so, so i can be TUCKING!
The rear is SLAMMED tho... no real rubbing problems after i took out a screw that was in the way.

Huge thanks to Frank (GTWerks) for the wheels, James for the great price on 2 tires, and Charles for the referring me to the shop that did the install


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