Sunday, February 1, 2009


Its been forever since I've updated...
I've been meaning to update for the longest time, but I've been busy, lazy, etc.
Plus my desktop recently died, so that makes posting even more of a hassle.

But anyways, if theres anybody that still checks this blog, I'm going to share a lot of my upcoming mods, which I would normally keep quiet about until HIN LA (March 21).
But I want to reward my loyal viewers!!

Anyways... here goes...

My tires are fucked!!
My car has been vibrating at highway speeds for a while.
I thought it was because of a bent wheel, or damaged axle...
But recently I took off my tires, and it turns out... it was my tires!!

First of all... the tires on my passenger side were BALD on the inside!
Passenger side:


BALD!!! I need a rotate and alignment!!

Drivers side.... This side was FUCKED!
Front tire was bald to the belt, and rear were lopsided, bubbled, and fucked up like CRAZY!!!
So thats why my car was vibrating...
I dont even know how they got so fucked.
So now I need new tires...

Next order of business:
Votex sides and roof spoiler!
I already dropped these off for paint last week.
Doing something a little different with the sides, but thats for later.

The paint for my rear quad diffusor didnt match perfectly... so off it comes to get repainted!
This was also dropped off last week to get repainted.

Then polished up the exhaust tips:



Nevr-Dull FTW!

Nextly... the long awaited...
Better pictures of my Work wheels!!!

But first:
Gold grenade valve stem caps!

They should go decently well with my bomb decals, which I have some plans for as well!

Wheels w/ some valve stem love:

What else is coming?
-Updated decals
-Mild sound system
-Carbon fiber front grill
-Aluminum pedals (Possibly with a lil extra)

Lets see how much of this will actually happen...

Oh yeah, and one more bonus pic...
I was SERIOUSLY about to get these wheels...
I think they look sick... but I guess they werent unique enough.


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